Born in the 80s and based in New York City's Soho neighborhood, Aaron Purkey is a self taught photographer and artist. He attended the Art Institute of Dallas, where he studied computer animation and video production. After that, he realized that his true passion lies in photography and the visual arts. 

Aaron’s photographs capture the mundane aspects of everyday life—people, landscapes and buildings—in an attempt to immortalize fleeting moments in time and to turn the intangible into something tangible. In essence, his photographs are time capsules that contain the spirit of a generation. 

Art and photography helped Aaron during his childhood, where he used his imagination to envision a world beyond the cultural confines of rural and monotonous Southeast Texas. Aaron is a self- trained artist who began to draw before he could speak. He has long had a constant urgency to draw; when he was in grade school, he’d fill textbooks with drawings until they were nearly illegible.  In his drawings, Aaron creates tiny, complicated worlds, inhabited by mythical creatures and quirky architecture. His drawings are whimsical cartoons that pulse with ancient-futuristic, tribal motifs. 



Select client list includes Four Freedoms Park (Roosevelt Island, NY), TriBeCa’s New Dance Alliance (New York, NY), Arthur Elgort and family (New York NY), Papaya Playa Project (Tulum, Mexico), La Bohemia Baja (Todos Santos, Mexico), Seraya Hotel and Resort (Flores, Indonesia), AYADA Hotel and Resort (Maldives) and Ardea Arts (New York, NY).